Referral Service

Toll free (800) 281-0630

“Only what is really oneself has the power to heal.” — C.G. Jung

The JPA offers a referral service to individuals unable to afford private practice fees from its offices at 347 Fifth Ave. at 34th Street in New York City. Fees are arranged on a sliding scale according to the patient’s income. This service provides in-depth psychotherapeutic treatment in the Jungian tradition with candidates who are training to be Jungian analysts. These are dedicated clinicians whose work is closely supervised by senior JPA training analysts.

Jungian analysis aims toward facilitating meaningful and conscious relationship within oneself, with others, and to society. Treatment engages a broad range of symptoms and moods, anxiety and depression, issues of character and identity, past and existing life circumstances, current difficulties and aspirations, and unconscious fantasies and dreams. Working creatively with all aspects of psychological and emotional patterns fosters awareness and change as one comes to terms with limits and potentials.

Treatment takes place face-to-face, with an average frequency of once to twice a week.
We take care in our intake process to be sure that your needs can be met by this treatment approach, and to match you with one of our analysts-in-training. Please call (800) 281-0630 (toll free) and leave a message to set up an appointment for a telephone intake interview or explore your questions about the low fee referral process.

For a complete Directory of Practicing Analysts and Analysts-in-Training, click here to find an analyst

FRED TOMASELLI Natural Selection,
© The Artist / Courtesy James Cohan Gallery,
New York/Shanghai
2000 leaves, photo-collage,
acrylic, resin, on wood panel
72 x 72 in. (182.88 x 182.88 cm)